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Natsuki Kunimoto
Natsuki Kunimoto
Birthday/30th Aug, 1980
Size/T162 B84cm W60cm H81cm, Shoes 24.5cm
Eyes/Dark Brown
Language/Japanese (mother tongue)/English (fluent)
Special Ability/Classic and Modern Ballet, Jazz Dance, Horse-back Ridding
Education/Westchester Community College (NY/USA)
  Training/Yoko Narahashi (United Performer’s Studio)

Natsuki Kunimoto is a Japanese actress who has worked for not only Japanese movies, but also foreign movies. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York to study English and acting by herself for years. After she returned to Japan, she continued to learn performance at United Performers Studios by Yoko Narahashi. While mainly working for the movies and the plays in Japan, it will be greatly appointed to the role of Riku Oishi through the auditions at the Hollywood movie "47 RONIN" released in December 2013. 
▼ Movie

“Nariyukino Tamashii”as Lead by Takahisa Zeze <2017>
“Hanbun no Sekai”by Takumi Saito <2014>
“47 RONIN” (Riku) by Carl Rinsch <2013 >, USA
“Sekiseki Renren” (Taguchi) by Kazuya Konaka <2013>
“Jokyo Monogatari” (Shimada) by Toshiyuki Morioka <2013>
“Haikyo” (The Ghost) by Chris Todd <2013>
“Tokyo Mujirushi Joshi Monogatari” (Shizuyo Kinoshita) by Akiko Ooku <2012>
“A Bitter Coffee Life” (Nanami Iwanuma) by Hiroyuki Yokoyama <2012>
“Shourou no Futari” (Yuko Suzuki) by Toshihiro Goto <2012>
“The Important Things for a Wizard” by Shun Nakahara
“The Ramen Girl” by Robert Allan Ackerman
“Waiting for the Sun ~Tenkimachi~” by Yoko Narahashi
“Starfish Hotel” by John Williams
“Give me a Wonderful Night” by Shun Nakahara
“Heaven’s Door ~Satsujinshokogun” by Jiro Ishikawa
▼ Official site
▼ TV
“JELLY JAMM”(Host of dance corner/Producer)– BS 12 Kids program
“Minato Kojiro Keishi Season 3”(Risa Teresawa)– BS 11
“Kuroi Houkokusho”(Kasumi Tachibana)– BS Japan
“Time scoop hunter”– NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
“Delicious School”- TV Tokyo Corporation
“The Last Scene”- Tokyo Broadcasting System Television
▼ The stage
“Naniwa Aho Garasu”(Beniko) <2013>
“HIKOBAE”(Saki Koizumi) <2013>
“Run, Melos”(Fumi Akutagawa) <2012>
“Waiting for the Sun ~Tenki Machi”directed by Yoko Narahashi
“Dream of Passion”directed by Yoko Narahashi
“W Booking”directed by Kenichi Oone
“To the battlefield of Ryoma Sakamoto”directed by Ei Tak
▼ Others
【Web Drama】
“An Eraser in My Head ~Another Letter~”- Gyao

【Music Video】
“Kokode Matou(Let’s Wait Here)”by NAO
“Curtain Call”by Tsuyoshi

【e-book】 「Dear…, -This is my method to Hollywood-」
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