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Tsubasa Nakae
Stage name/Tsubasa Nakae
Birthday/3rd Feb, 1985
Hometown/Nara prefecture in Japan
Size/T176cm B93cm W70cm H89cm, Shoes:26.5cm
Eyes/Dark Brown
Language/Native Japanese, Fluent Chinese, English
Special Ability/Tae Kwon Do, Japanese art of Archery, Soccer, Tennis
Education/Science and Engineering in Waseda University

Tsubasa Nakae has been making a wide range of appearances in movies, TV dramas, plays, commercials not only in Japan but also abroad after he graduated from Waseda University. He moved to Taiwan and stayed there from 2008 to 2012, to broaden the range od action. He speaks fluent Chinese and English, and is globally active. While he was in Taiwan, he won th 4 th prize in new-face-scouting audition which was known as ゛多曼尼第一届麻辣新秀大会". He took an audition for the leading role of the TV drama series "Tokyo Little Love" broadcast by Fuji television in Japan as the only Japanese among Taiwanise, and won the role. His splendid career does not remain only as an actoe. He also shows his talent as the director of the theatrical plays, and, in addition, as an acting coach at ゛tori studio″.

“US”as Tetsuhiko Aasai directed by Masaru Shimomura <2017>
“STOP”as SABU/leading actor directed by Kim Ki Duk <2015>
“KIDS=ZERO”as Sora Ohshima directed by Kazuyasu Sugami <2014>
“GROW”as Arai directed by Hideo Sakaki <2007>
“Xie Xie Osaka”as Shu Long/leading actor directed by Hayato Yamada <2006>
“SORA NO KANATA”as leading actor directed by Issei Takahashi <2006>
“US”as as leading actor directed by Issei Takahashi <2006>
The stage
“Sugar spot”as Shinnosuke Kaburagi <2012>
“Butterflies are free”as as Don/leading adtor <2015>
CX“Tokyo little love”as Kuan-shi Yu/leading actor <2010>
Bee TV“Mitsu Fetich”as leading actor <2012>
NTV“Sugarless"”as Tsukui <2012>
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